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Paragon Book Gallery - Over the past six months, I have been working for Paragon Books in Chicago, which has been the foremost distributor of books on Asia
since 1948.

For this project, I created a 300-page catalogue and 15-page brochure of their available winter titles. The most important aspect of this project
was consistency and clarity.
I chose to work with a simple grid, using legible text blocks and colorful
photography in order to display the information as concisely and
clearly as possible.
Visual Diary - For my Masters Thesis project at UIC, I designed a flash-based interactive
website called Visual Diary. The goal of the site was to create a visual calendar database in which the user could input their personal diaries and the site would color code and assign shapes to
the information in order to create a data visualization of the user’s
hour, day or month based on the narrative given.
The following spreads are a part of my process book and detail the research I employed to create the site.
UIC Re-accreditation Self-Study - In the Spring of 2006, I worked for the University of Illinois at Chicago under the direction of Professor Marcia Lausen and in collaboration with designer Dan Elliott, designing their annual Re-accreditation manual. This was a 200-page binder that communicated the future goals of the university through precise typography,
charts and graphs and engaging photography.
Urban Jungle - Urban Jungle is a study based on the city of Chicago--a picture book about the textures, colors and patterns found in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of the city. I created an engaging visual landscape using brightly colored, textural photography.

Through the juxtaposition of these site-specific photographs, my intention was to recreate the landscape of a small part of Chicago as a microcosm and thus, communicate the look, feel and texture of the entire city landscape itself.
Adena Health Systems redesign
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Sara Bassick
MFA-degreed designer Chicago, IL