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Ceno-Bite Cereal!! - The idea came from the maniacs over at Blinky's--Bill, JJ, and Keekle. The concept? What if Pinhead had his own cereal?. Sketched out the illustration, applied marker, scanned in Photoshop, and then used live-trace in Illustrator. I added type and constructed the layout also using Illustrator.
Technical Illustration - This is a copy of a technical one sheet on how to assemble an office chair. I recreated the entire piece in Illustrator using the pen tool.
Cal McDonald - This sketch is based on a character created by Steve Niles. I pulled this into Illustrator and applied live trace.
Ninja Vouyer - This is an interior illustration for Blinky's magazine. They wanted me to create a unique twist on the TV program "Ninja Warrior."
Zombie Sandwich - All of the artwork I created using Illustrator.
Original Character Design - These are all original characters I created. I sketched and then used marker. Finally, using Illustrator I applied live trace.
Sasquatch - This is an original character I designed using Illustrator.
A little zombie action - I sketched this scene in pencil, applied a black marker, then scanned the image and used live trace to finish.
Billy Purgatory - My sketch of Billy Purgatory, as seen in the pages of Blinky's zine. I sketched then applied marker. I scanned the image and applied live trace using Illustrator to complete the look. (Billy P. created by Jesse James Freeman & Moses Jaen)
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Joseph Schmidt
Independent Graphic Design Professional South Milwaukee, WI