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Rebuild based on a series of Edward Jones ads; matched fonts and style. We worked evenings with rigid deadlines, so we were largely left to our own devices to either troubleshoot technical problems with ads submitted digitally, or recreate them.
HealthTalk was an assigned account requiring a great deal of text formatting. The faint cyan screen behind the article headers and the banner at the top would print 10 to 20 percent darker off of the Star's press due to dot gain and color saturation.
It wasn't unusual to build ads which required a significant amount of proofreading.
This was a rebuild based on a bad pdf sent in by the client. Salvaged artwork from original, matched colors and fonts and sized to fit new measurements.
Map of the Star's parking lots requested as a special project by the safety department.
Kansas City Star Ad Design

Most of the work at the Star was on a quick turnaround.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Ashley Schultz
Graphic Designer Overland Park, KS