Kamcia Chair

Kamcia Chair.
This Chair is inspired by the elegant leg cut out on a red carpet dress.
The chair is meant to be elegant but without loosing the pure and natural beauty of raw materials,
Which in this case are plywood and aluminum.
The cold feel of the metal along with the warm and cozy feeling of plywood combine to give a feeling of movement in this non symmetrical sculpture.
Although not in Scandinavia this chair is inspired by the the movement of water in the lakes of Poland and it follows a scandinavian design approach of beauty, simplicity and handcraft.
The chair is made out of one thin aluminum leg, nine different pieces of bent plywood put together by four long screws, and thirty two aluminum bolts to keep the distance between the individual pieces of plywood even.

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Aldo Schurmann
Bachelor of Science in design - maj. "Transportation deisng -... Luxembourg, Luxembourg