Snow speeder - Sar Wars snow speeder, under construction. still needs cannons and paint.
Snow speeder - Star Wars snow speeder. under construction. Aft view. still adding details.
Hail fire Droid - Hail fire droid pattern. 10 inch laser cut wheels. and pattern for molding.
X wing - Inner structure of X wing, with rear mounting point.
X wing - still adding cladding to the outer body.
X wing - wings mounted in place. S foil open position
X Plane - X plane underside. urethane foam construction. still sculpting the underside.
molds for wheel housing
pattern and cast parts
laser cut wheel and cast parts
both wheels with cast parts attached
Betty flightdeck
betty flightdeck
on going projects
Al Camisa
Model Making/model maker/Fabricator Tucson, AZ