Tangle of Blue and Green - 45"X18"X6" MDF and Acrylic
Fog of War - This piece illustrates the idea that time seems to slow down in moments on intense fighting and danger during battle.
Turquoise Motifz - This is a tight shot of a painting I reciently finished. 5'x8" airbrushed acrylic on canvas.
Motif construction - I am interested in the way objects in this case squarish panels relate to one another. This study was to force these diverse panels to relate as one solid structure.
Other View of Motif Panels
Tiki Project
Buffalo Pass - This piece is made of hand cut MDF panels air-brushed and pinstriped. The dimensions are 4ft x 2.5ft. and is 3in. thick.
Running man - 52"X72" Acrylic on canvas
Man in the maze - Pen and Ink, graphite pencil, and Acrylic on MDF.36"x10"
Native girl
Native girl closeup - acrylic on canvas
The Dress - acrylic on canvas. 3"x4"
The Dress - Acrylic on Canvas
Harmonious Compromise - In this piece I wanted to take the same idea of taking different objects and forcing them to exist in the same structure, but unlike the last piece this one is more of an example of merging objects that are in the process of assimilating to form something new and beautiful.
second View of: Harmonious Compromise - Air-brushed MDF Panels 24in. in Length.
Untitled - 16"X16" wood and metal pieces. Carved and painted with acrylic
Bold Jonny Navajo - 12"X24" Acrylic on wood with polyurethane coating.
The Glance - Acrylic on MDF
Fruit of Good and Evil - it started out as a graphite illustration.
Form - I designed this piece to emphasize the natural form that is created when you force objects to dwell in the same environment I left it white so the shadows and joints could create the design and pattern. The stitches give it a sense of deliberate placement and also a realization of human presence.
New Poster - a combination of type photography and illustration meshed together.
Warrior 7
Illustration and Paintings
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