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CAD - Hovership - Program: Alias/Wavefront Studio Tools 10

Description: Product Design & Animation using Studio Tools. Hovership concept is original creation.
Character Concepts - Original Character Concepts.

Pencil / Prismacolor Marker
Pencil / Adobe Photoshop

Kennel-Aire Canine Habitat - Kennel-Aire Dog House:

Biomimicry incorporation.

Biomimicry: How does nature address problems such as temperature regulation and pest control?


Some nature preserves and gardeners paint the bottom of their tree trunks white. This confuses an insect’s ground/sky interpretation, causing it to jump off.

Animals such as polar bears and camels have black skin to reduce sunburn, yet absorb heat in cooler weather. They also have light-colored fur to reflect sunlight.

Polar bears have two layers of fur. The outer layer traps air pockets under it for air circulation. The spines on a cactus also trap a layer of air next to the cactus for cooling purposes.


The lower portion of the doghouse utilizes the pest control system used by gardeners on trees that confuses insects as they try to climb up the dogouse.

To keep the doghouse cool in the summer, white panels are placed along the length of the doghouse. These reflect sunlight, while the gaps between the panels allow cool,
shaded air to circulate over the surface of the unit.

To keep the doghouse warm in the winter, the panels are easily stacked at the front of the unit, revealing the darker color beneath, which absorbs heat from the sun. Also,
the rain guard over the entrance has a negative slope, so water is directed away from the front of the doghouse, preventing the dog from walking thru a waterfall upon entering.
CAD Work - 3-D Computer-Aided Design Work

Alias/Wavefront Studio Tools 10
Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt

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Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark XPress
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