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A custom built, "locking" wine bottle box designed for as a wedding gift. A newer tradition in which a fine bottle of wine is inserted into a box, locked, and given with intent to stay locked until a point in the distant future. This box was designed and built with the intention to be a heirloom piece and worth being displayed for years to come.
The "locking" feature of this wine box is achieved with small, brass screws. Quilted maple top with walnut sides accented with maple miter splines.
Following the same design, this wine box built with Lacewood and Birdseye Maple
A corner shot of a "Box" built as a pet memorial. Hard Maple with Walnut frame lid.
Built to memorialize a past pet, this "box" is designed for double duty. The frame lid can live on it's own with the tray bottom displaying mementos. Design decisions were based on specific attributes of the pet.
Another configuration of this versatile keepsake. The tray bottom interior has matching fabric, to soften the overall appearance.
The tray bottom is proud by 1/16" to create a light, floating appearance. The frame lid picture backing has matching fabric adhered. Picture and backing held in place with custom designed and printed turn buttons.
a custom designed and constructed clear cedar screen door with lapped and pinned joints and custom sized, replaceable screens.
The custom built screen door hung.
Wood Projects

Various Wood Projects. Mostly personal, but some done for work or sale.

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Steven Richardson
Senior Structural Designer Manger Cincinnati, OH