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a render of the Snowflake currently on shelf. Yankee provided us with theme boards and supporting imagery and asked us to design the Snowflake. Working with another designer, we landed here. I then developed the model in Solidworks to meet the engineers requirements for injection molding. Renders and 3d Prints were provided for additional review and promotion.
a render for the new line of warmers
The final base and refill packaging requested for Bed Bath and Beyond shelves. I lead the concept development followed by designing the structure geometry for manufacture ease.
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A few, in development pictures of the B3 Packaging for Yankee Candle Scent Shades.
a four jar render for the Pure Radiance line. Rendered and prototyped the Pure Radiance line for development.
a shelf render for the new line of warmers.
Designed and developed the Solidworks model. Printed the concept for further final review before being sent through engineering.
The "Home" ScentShade in production
The "Leaf" prototype printed for final review.
The "Leaf" in production.
A render of the "Star". This was originally to be a two piece shade; however, I suggested and developed the third, interchangeable, middle "swirls" for future designs with minimal manufacture costs.
Yankee Candle

For over three years, I have been the lead designer on the Yankee Candle account. These are a representation of the work I have done on the packaging, ScentShades, Tins, Ventsticks, and other product lines.

Steven Richardson
Senior Structural Designer Manger Cincinnati, OH