To get a good understanding of the scope of this new app, we created screen flow blueprints visualizing the different functionalities and customer journeys. This helped us having in-depth and tangible conversations with the business stakeholders and our development partner.
To be able to offer these mobility services to our customers we needed to rethink and set up new internal flows and collaborations with external partners. To get a good understanding of the impact and manage this change within the organization we created a customer journey map for each service.
We held multiple user tests to get to know our current and future Tango customers better, refine our persona’s and test new concepts and flows for the app.
We rebranded the Tango brand together with the marketing team. This meant a thorough rework of tone of voice, brand guidelines and visual identity. Based on this new branding we created a component library to make current and future design of the app more efficient.
A small selection of the +400 screens that we designed for the application, built with components from our newly created design library.
Tango - mobile application

Tango, part of Kuwait Petroleum, is a low cost network of 190 unmanned fuel stations in the Netherlands. 
In the next decade Europe will largely replace fossil fuels by renewable energy sources. To remain relevant Tango has to evolve from a pure fuel-focused challenger brand to a mobility partner for its customers, offering more than fuel.
Together with the innovation research team we defined the 3 most relevant mobility services our customers were looking for: fueling, parking and car sharing. We wanted our customers to get access to these services in an easy, low effort way, all in one place: the Tango mobile app. The one stop solution for all their mobility challenges. To keep our customers engaged we also integrated a loyalty program.
Experience lead and product designer: Translation of business goals into a useful and usable solution, UX Design, UI Design, Market and User Research, Usability Testing,Project and Stakeholder Management

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Stijn Dupas
UX Designer / Digital producer / Full-stack developer Antwerp, Belgium