Lucky Strikeclient: British American Tobacco - Several Lucky Strike projects developing a strong identity and communications platforms including Formula One racing. Tribe Art Book, a bound book to promote the successful Lucky Strike art event 'Tribe Art' to it's end markets.
totaljourneyclient: Railtrack - An identity and web site design for a travel and leisure site where you can book rail tickets, investigate your chosen destination and order a meal for your journey. The creatve concept for the design language and ultimate site design is based on connection, connecting people with people, connecting people with places and events, simplicity and speed of movement.
Benson & Hedgesclient: British American Tobacco - Brand evolution and implimentation of the B&H Brand. Launch material packaging and contents consisting of brand book, new cigarette launch packs and a presentation CD
Vidal Sassoon client: Procter & Gamble - A packaging project for a new line of hair care products that will be sold exclusively in boutique hair salons. The front of the packaging was kept clean and minimal. The back of the packaging would feature a detail of the organic illustration to contrast the sterile design.
Segafredo Coffee Shops client: Segafredo Zanetti - A retail project assisting the roll-out of a global franchise of coffee shops. Design, Illustration and compilation of a Design Intent Manual while working closely with the environmental team at FITCH.
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