The new office landscape. The plains are open to be claimed by settlers. Workers group near Landmarks, a column shaped hub that houses resources and serves as a homing point.
The Sherpa Desk - The Sherpa got it's name because it is your guide and helper through the office landscape. It is lightweight and rolls on casters. The angled edge and drop leaves allow for a multitude of work formations.
The Safari Chair- This chair is actually a vehicle, encouraging workers to kick their way across the office floor to quickly group with others.
The Sherpa Desk is customizable. Soft drawers can drop down or be folded out of the way, drop leaves can expand desktop, and computer monitors can be mounted.
The Flag Whiteboard - Quickly assemble a meeting with this whiteboard on a tripod. It announces purpose and helps with dynamic wayfinding.
The Tent - An instant meeting space providing some privacy. It functions like a popup hamper, folding into a large hoop.
Earlier Iteration was chunky and boring, it had the mobility but lost the adventure.
Sketches - Ideas from wild to mild were considered to enhance the feeling of adventure.
Expedition Office

Expedition Office - In a Knoll-sponsored studio, I had to find an opportunity in the future of interaction.
My answer is the Expedition Office. Through the metaphor of an expedition, it instills comradery between co-workers, allowing them to learn from each other, as well as providing a more mobile office landscape.
Lightweight furniture and synthetic textiles make it feel like camp can be set up anywhere.

Sean Kennon
MakerSpace Assistant Manager at NYU Tandon School of Engineering New York, NY