Phalanx Ballistic Vest - Senior Capstone by Sean Kennon & Kevin Hannon Phalanx is a ballistic vest designed for US Troops, which restructures hard and soft armor to allow for improved range of movement and mobility.
Increased Range of Movement - Armor is separated in pieces that overlap to allow for upper body movement without adding vulnerability. Multiple small ceramic plates provide better multi-hit performance than one large plate.
MOLLE Compatible - Vest features PALS webbing, allowing equipment pouches to be placed all over the vest. Bottom plates on the front and back are removable and interchangeable for customized protection.
Features removable kevlar and ceramic inserts to reduce the threat of handgun and rifle rounds. Warfighters such as Special Operations can opt for less armor to improve agility and better avoid threats.
Process Models - Some early mock ups exploring how to add articulation to armor.
Process Models - First full mock up, exploring attachment of plates and tightening straps.
Process Models - Refined mock up which simplified soft armor articulation and plate pocket attachment.
Phalanx Ballistic Vest
Sean Kennon
MakerSpace Assistant Manager at NYU Tandon School of Engineering New York, NY