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To provide a bridge between online advertising and our website, which was undergoing a redesign at the time, we launched a custom microsite designed by my in-house team.
This summer, we were rebranding our Historic Area of the museum as the Revolutionary City. This included new 18th-century characters and programs and we proposed connecting with visitors by highlighting a cross-section of the people you'd meet.
Since programming was still being developed when we went to market, our strategy was to highlight the effort and authenticity that goes into preparing those programs with behind-the-scenes videos and photos.
RevQuest is an interactive game inspired by alternate reality games and scavenger hunts that uses the 18th-century town of Williamsburg as its game board. I wrote the initial proposal and pitch for the game in late 2010. The second episode debuted in 2012 and we built content into the summer microsite. My team also develops the brand identities for the games.
To highlight the game's components and the tools needed to play, we packed a virtual suitcase for our guests. Our intent was to also subtly support our effort to encourage staying in the game headquarters hotel.
We provided guests with the ability to secure their own authentic 18th-century spy name and share it on Facebook or Twitter.
Colonial Williamsburg Summer Campaign 2012

Summer is the biggest period of visitation for Colonial Williamsburg and the demographic skews heavily toward families. We launched a summer campaign to highlight our programming, in particular evening programs and the second episode of an interactive game I initiated in late 2010 called RevQuest. I directed the agency on online advertising and my in-house team on web design and development.

Sean Rooks
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategist and User Experience Director VA