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Our effort began by investigating the media consumption habits of our target audiences, in this case pre-retirement and retirement-age investors.
We then prepared a video strategy that included brand flexibility, content types, and distribution.
We felt it was important to prepare a templated intro and outro sequence for all video production to ensure brand consistency.
Videos included a then-controversial use of clean design, lots of white space, light typography, and a shooting style that was professional but contemporary (less rigid, more environmental, and more naturally lit).
Vanguard Branded Video

In late 2007 Vanguard wanted to extend its new branding into video. I was asked to leave the UX group to join Marketing Communications and lead a team of designers and content creators who would bring the brand to video and other rich media materials created by the in-house design team. Many of the elements live on in current Vanguard videos.

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Sean Rooks
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategist and User Experience Director VA