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The project began with stakeholder interviews and competitive research.
We developed an information architecture, and performed iterative design, from wireframes to full visual treatment.
Usability evaluations were conducted and I presented the project strategy and proposal to the Vanguard executive leadership team, securing buy-in and funding.
Detailed design documentation and prototypes were created as well as a detailed project charter.
The final product was built by Vanguard developers and launched in 2007.
Vanguard News Center

Vanguard wanted to offer educational content in new formats to meet customer preferences. Video, podcasts and audio needed a home on Vanguard.com. I was asked to be the user experience lead on the project and was responsible for all UX tasks. The team provided significant input on the end product and it launched in 2007. Sadly, the news center was retired in a subsequent redesign of the site.

Sean Rooks
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategist and User Experience Director VA