Lamp and Pedestal
Final assembled/ functional prototype. Diffuser is a polycarbonate-like 3D printed material with a light media blast. Top cap piece and base were 5-axis CNC milled from aluminum.
Interior components consist of 3D printed ABS, brass, copper, bearing, LEDs, and thermal compound to sink heat throughout the assembly and base.
Rough assembly and details. Modeled in Solidworks.
Carousel prototype. The final product has twice as many super-bright warm LEDs.
Pedestal mockup and construction
Final working prototype lamp and pedestal on display.
Lamp Assembly, modeled and rendered in Solidworkds
LED Lamp

LED Lamp prototype with carousel mechanism. Inspired by Gestalt theory, the lamp urges a user to align the lamp's edges and bring continuation to the lamp's form, whereupon it illuminates.

Ian Mayhew
Industrial Designer, Artist Seattle, WA