Promotional stickers for the book Alabama Sons!
Trade booklet advertisement for QSX Labels.
Title card layout design & character illustration commission done for YouTube channel The Gaming Historian's April Fools Day special video 2016!
Window mural artwork created for a print company to customer-desired specs of colorful, fun, and absurd.
The logo for Otakuholic (
Decal for seasonal gift-boxed pies for a pie company.
High-resolution vector trace of a couple of screenshots from the hit anime Bleach, which were then composed and laid out to work as art plate for a customizable gaming arcade stick
Arcade Stick graphic designed by myself for my husband, themed on the game Persona 4.
Label design for frozen pizza company.
Label designed for prepacked sandwiches designed to be written on by the client.
Decal for holiday cookie tins given to clients of QSX Labels.
Holiday photo card design for a colleague.
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Label design for pizza company.
Eco-conscious illustration intended for print on recycled canvas tote bags
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Fun illustration done as practice inspired by the recent influx of popularity for cupcakes
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Eco-conscious illustration intended for print on recycled canvas tote bags
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Label for a small glass-jar candle given out as party favors at a baby shower
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Accompanying tag for the small mesh bag that the labelled baby shower candle was tied in
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Typography project: Illustrate a word's definition utilizing the word itself
Color palette project - Create a fictional corporate logo that works with different color counts for print
Misc. / One-Off Design Works

Various one-off compositions and illustrations intended for various use.

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