Painting of characters from indie title Undertale for use as a YouTube thumbnail on a video for SpaceKappa (
Illustration commissioned by a friend to use in conjunction with his proposal to his fiancee!
Illustration commissioned based on client's idea for a Magic the Gathering scene.
Fan-art for NXT Women's Wrestling division.
Sailor Moon fan art print.
Self-explanatory for-fun illustration :)
Gift art done for my husband for one of our anniversaries!
Avatar art for my husband and I's shared Steam account.
Illustration commission for an avatar based on a photo from the client!
Avatar illustration commission. Given loose guidelines, primarily came up with character design myself.
Simple "self-portrait" of sorts for use online as an avatar icon.
Steven Universe fan art.
Animal Crossing fan art.
Super Mario World / Smash Bros. fan art.
Practice drawing of a plush doll I received as a gift.
Commissioned illustration featuring a Chao from Sonic The Hedgehog and a Rag Pappy from Phantasy Star Online.
Illustration commission for online avatar purposes.
Fan art of two Pokemon, Scraggy and Koffing, created for a one-of-a-kind print on an apron as a gift.
Fanart from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Runic text reads "Will you form a contract?"
Fan art of a character from a popular video game, Lunar Silver Star Harmony.
Fan art tribute to a Japanese voice actor, featuring an assortment of characters that he's lent his talent to.
Fan art of a character from a popular anime, Bleach.
Fan art from Harry Potter.
Fan art from Harry Potter.
Fan art from Harry Potter.
Spoof of a popular 4-panel comic on the internet, Churuya, based on characters from the video game Minecraft.
Fan art of characters from the video game Pokemon: Black & White.
Fan art of characters from the ultra-popular webcomic Homestuck.
Illustration of original characters loosely based on the Legend of Zelda video games.
Paint-over of a self-portrait done entirely on tablet
Misc. One-Shot Illustrations / Comics

Various illustrations mostly done as practice work. Primarily works of fan-art, not for profit, done in my own time. A few commissions are in here as well. Some pieces began on paper and were scanned for completion; Others were done directly in digital via Wacom tablet.

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