The main logo for SpaceKappa
Business Card (back) design for SpaceKappa. Also the general layout/color scheme used for internet branding.
Table banner design for local gaming events and other conventions. Features main SpaceKappa logo as well as logos for the shows The Backlog and OTPCast which are hosted on the channel.
The SpaceKappa banner in action!
Thumbnail layout/overlay for SpaceKappa Live!, livestreaming events held on the SpaceKappa YouTube Gaming channel. Features a modified version of the SpaceKappa logo, and a custom illustration of the channel's host.
SpaceKappa pins designed to give away at events.
Thumbnail design for OTPCast, a bi-weekly podcast which is livestreamed on the channel while it's recorded.
Logo design for the OTPCast podcast.
Second "credits" template for The Backlog web series, designed to look like the top of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Used at the end of each video for a time.
Facebook header / channel art version of the second iteration of the logo for The Backlog.
The second logo for The Backlog web series.
Logo design for The Little Things, a mini show hosted on the SpaceKappa channel.
The first credits template for use at the end of The Backlog videos. This was designed to look like a Nintendo Entertainment System.
Square / minimal version of the original logo for The Backlog, used for avatar/ID purposes around the internet.
Pins for The Backlog designed as give away items for PAX East 2014.
The original logo for The Backlog web series.
Thumbnail design for an OTPCast Livestream event.
Thumbnail design for an OTPCast livestream event.
Thumbnail design for an OTPCast livestream event.
SpaceKappa YouTube

Seawalker Design is responsible for all branding and design for the gaming YouTube channel SpaceKappa (formerly, The Backlog / PK Bloggin!). Works range from logos, to YouTube thumbnail graphics, as well as banner and business card design for use at conventions.

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Christina Walker
Seawalker Design Boston, MA