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Multiply is a piece of furniture composed of a multitude of elements of the same shape, but of different dimensions. The elements can be arranged in different configurations, according to people’s needs or desires. They can have different colors, providing a pleasant atmosphere.
The ensemble can be transported with ease, as the elements are stackable and require little space.
Transformer is a table formed by 4 identical elements. It can be configured in different ways. Also, the color on the side of the table changes according to its configuration.
Simplissio is a table concept destined to be functional, cheap, and easy to transport at the same time. The parts can be easily assembled and disassembled due to its simple design.
All the parts of the ensemble can be put together, therefore the transportation of the table can be done with ease.
This collection of handles is inspired by the natural elements such as snow, water, fire. The handles show each element through an iconic shape of snow flake, water drop and flame.
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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Sebastian Popa
Industrial designer Cluj-Napoca, Romania