1956 – 75. GDP grew from about 8% to about 23%
1975 – exit. GDP collapse, from over 20% to flat lining at 3.5%
Vote to leave to present: from flat-lining around 3.5% to more than double that for the last 7 quarters.
Highest GDP for 30 years.
From 1955 to 1975 referendum: Wages grew from around 1.5% to around 6%
From 1975 referendum to 2016 vote to leave. Collapse from around 7% to around 1%.
From 2016 vote to leave to today: from average 0.5% to average 1.5%.
Balanced trade for decades up to Thatcher signing Single European Act
Progressive collapse of trade balance as we became more integrated
Steady improvement after vote to leave.
BoP as % GDP. Around -5 before vote to leave. Around -2.5 after
3.5% when we joined. Around double that for the next half century. Then went back to 3.5%
Record employment. After we left over 75% for first time ever and stayed there.
Global Tariffs in death spiral for 60 years.
UK EU membership contributions going up and up
What market should we care about? The small one with low growth or the large one with high growth?
Influencers - The new gods. Gender, War, Violence, Money, Work.
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Sebastian Handley
Brighton, United Kingdom