Universal Chair

Here I show how I made a chair that is light, strong and comfortable. Big deal, loads of chairs manage that right? Yes but with this chair every element is reusable, recyclable, repairable and replaceable. By who? By anyone. Even if you don't have any carpentry or upholstery skills!

I've done this before with easy projects like a sofa or a table but it's much more difficult to achieve with a chair, because a chair is such a difficult ergonomic challenge. So by doing this I have proved that all furniture can be like bicycles or guitars - locally repairable rather than generally disposable.

Also I designed this chair to be appropriate to the most people on most occasions, so it would be appropriate for a café, restaurant, office living room etc. That's why I called it the Universal Chair because, it is appropriate for everyone, everywhere and anyone can repair any part so it lasts forever.

Here is the video:

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Sebastian Handley
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