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Self Portrait - My self portrait, if I were dead, and my bones were made of ferrets and dwarf hamsters. Featured in issue nine of I Want Your Skull magazine.
Dungeons & Dentures - Watch out for her 2d20 ft. wide Cone of Sugary Sweets.
Get Awkward - Unused gig poster for a show at the School of Rock in February of 2010.
Uprising - The forest critters are out to reclaim what was once theirs.
Tralfamadorians - This turned out much creepier than intended.
Robbing Nature - Another unused shirt design, this time for the UK metal band, Architects.
The design is still up for sale if anyone is interested.
Biebonic Plague - Justin Bieber parody shirt.
Ocean of Bedsheets
Raised on Milk - Vintage poster about the horror of milk consumption. (It will turn you into a cat)
SelfHighFive Website Layout - Website home directory image.
Bros Till Extinction
Liza Frank - In the grim, dystopian future there is only LIZA FRANK.
What Androids Dream About - Electric sheep.
What Does Everybody Want? - As a kid, the sexual innuendo in wrestling went right over my head.
Pizza, Pussy, and Pizaz
The Demigod of Testosterone and Keytars
The Demigod of Aging Anarchists
Beach Party Apocalypse - Four prints that when combined create one apocalyptic party.
Pokedex of the Gods
Digital Grandpa Botched - Digital Grandpa
Remember sitting on my g-pa's lap for Skrimsmas Eve // His leporidaean cloak tickling me softly // The smell of mothballs as his presence warped and debased my perception // My digipa never buys me things.
Tamagotchi Gastrointestinal Tract Wallpaper - Tiled wallpaper. Feel free to steal.
I Hate Sundays - The manifestation of rage formed when someone turns on Cartoon Network and the Garfield show is on.
Oh Yeah! - Ripper + Macho Man + Koolaid Man + Reptilians + Triple Noses
I Want To Daiei
The Colour Out of Space
That Moment Echoed Through Time and Space
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