got a new pen holder for the office...gave it some finger tats within an hour of it arriving at my door. It didn't stand a chance in my hands with all that white space.
just some fun projects - the seapus/octohorse was inspired by the 'Fringe' tv show seahorse. The octopus was just for $h!ts and giggles :]
sorry for the poor line work, my pen kept going out on me and for some reason I've made a poor life choice and have no ruler in my apartment. Regardless - We shall see how it turns out. My take on Leonardo da Vinci's the 'Vitruvian Man'
Valentines Day card to my boyfran from me. Says: Roses are Red, Dead flesh is Green, When the Zombies start to rise...You're on my team!
Just bored while backstage at the 'Jerry Springer Show'.
saturday fun: how it started to how it ended up. Just a rough sketch - definitely still needs more work and additions, but it was fun to do.
First draft, but i still love the drawing.
This is how TV makes me feel sometimes
I was given the task to draw something in 30 minutes to an hour that included an eye, a squid or octopus, an apocalyptic city, and star trek. This is the result.
I draw on occasion

Just stuff I do when bored, nothing special :]