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Clover Health

This baby unicorn with serious backing and a hardcore mission (literally fixing the American healthcare system by disrupting Medicare) was expanding quickly and feeling some growing pains. The lean, young, super-zealous team on the inside was facing lofty goals and looming deadlines that left little room for error. They knew well what wasn’t working—what wasn’t moving the needle during open enrolment, etc.—but they couldn’t quite put their finger on why. So, after calling us in and getting us quickly up-to-speed on their business, they sent us out into the real world (AKA Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia) to have a bunch of deep conversations with some of the most amazing people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Bringing their voices and stories into the organization ignited a wildfire of new, inventive thinking.

Not bad for a bunch of whippersnappers…

Rudi O'Meara
Rudi O'Meara, Principal + Founder, Sequitur San Francisco, CA