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Mr. Pogwer - Design submission for Metropark/Obey T-shirt contest "Power to the people". To find out about the inspiration of this project you can go to: http://www.metroparkusa.com/obey/design/1027
IFBC posters
All for One... - Poster suggesting the idea that, design is for everyone that is willing to open their eyes and question their surroundings.
Oil - Poster designed to bring awareness and call for action around the subject of world Oil Production/Consumption and its irreversible consequences.
LOVE them all - Poster designed to bring awareness and call for action around the subject of racism, elitism and acceptance of cultural diversity.
Nasua - Mascots conceived and designed for Educamp, a series of outdoor summer camps. This Coati, named "Nasua", and his fellow Camilo like to make kids interact and care for nature in a fun and exiting way.
Tequila! - Commemorative poster for "Tequila la Cofradia Destilery" and its 50th Anniversary.
Our Truths - With the help of a colleague, I designed the third edition of this bilingual magazine that had as their main goal, to inform about the subject of abortion and health care.

The specifics of it's bilingual and editorial content, demanded a well organized design grid that could be versatile and legible at once. For more information about this magazine or to see the electronic version of this issue you can go to www.ourtruths.org
CMO Project - This ongoing project intends to help designers find their own "method" to approach design situations and solve design problems.

A written manual supported by a formal company logo (CMO) that does not exist, has an apparent serious content, even though, it is full of ludic and sarcastic ideas that will help a designer make up his own mind.
El Hilo Negro - This Thesis was written by a colleague Martino Liu and myself. I then designed the book that would contain a series of chapters that talk about the origins of design as we know it, as well as the theory and philosophy behind it.
Peace - Cover Design contest "Beat the Press" with the premise of taking a well known source of news like Time Magazine and express the subject that you would rather see discussed and written about. I chose the historic and tragic Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that till this day keeps claiming the life of innocent people.
What? - Cover Design for the Book "What? The art of ASL" (American Sign Language)
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