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STREET FAIR - street scene
SKIRT - window mannequin
TREE - street scene
NAMES IN ALOE - street scene
NIGHT - street scene
PAWN - street scene
SHOUT - shop study
KNEEL - street scene
ALL NIGHT GROCERY - street scene
EYES - store window
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It’s always Mission Valley that I return to for street photography. While others go to San Diego for the zoo or the beaches, I gravitate to this inland nexus of highways, strip malls and fast food restaurants to capture my images. On many levels, Mission Valley reminds me of my suburban hometown on the opposite coast. Daytime offers views of the constant traffic, unkempt shops and signs everywhere for goods and services. At night, store window mannequins gaze over empty parking lots and 24 hour grocery stores. I am wholly in my element. The chain hotels of Mission Valley serve as my temporary home and portal to San Diego street life. While some visits only yield one or two usable images, this series was all shot on a single roll of film. Sometimes the camera gods smile on you!

Seth Simon
Photographer New York, NY