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Comments (7)
  • 정말 괞찬은거 가타요...^^ 거시기.....스위치 시계가 생각나기도 하고... 꾸뻑...

    15 years ago

  • Thank you for your visiting Mr. Oh (as same as me!)but I'm sorry that I can't read your comment. Please try to type in English. Thank you.

    15 years ago

  • its a superb concept...would like to have one!!

    15 years ago

  • go reds! nice project.

    15 years ago

  • daym...i'd buy a pair of these...nice!

    14 years ago

  • So cool! :D

    13 years ago

  • attractive and good idea ~~ love this and good luck 2 u ~

    12 years ago

Seungyoub Oh
Sr. Industrial Designer — 3M Seoul, South Korea