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POC For Kids - Power of choice for Doctor's children
Inside page
Visual Aid Cover Page
Apple gift leaflet - Apple with brand PIOPOD brand launch activity
abstract folder
abstract folder
poc - power of choice for doctor to chose their gift
visual ad - Preg domstal visual ad for pregnant womans
job was printed in 300gsm back to back pasting

size 10"x10"
booklet for intel pantium
visual ad - launch visual ad
booklet shaping ideas - booklet for "Gandhi groups"
20 saal baad - booklet for diabetes to support doctors from all India
neuropathic booklet
folder - folder for torrent power
folder with 5 indexing card
hotel menu - dhara's dhabh hotel menu was printed in multi color screen printing
dream house folder
greeting card - greeting card for heart day
bhwarchi menu - menu from bhwarchi hotel multicolor color screen
broucher - mark brocher
mark leaflet
LDL leaflet
Domstal Pad
shital photo bag - shital photo printed on plastic bag
CD sticker - Phuket CD sticker
Abraxan visual ad - Abraxane is for Brest cancer and it was designed in Adobe CS3
Freelance, Full-time
Shaji Ramchandran
Senior graphic designer Bangalore, India