In 2013, the Baselworld Watch Fair underwent a complete show hall remodel. This called for a complete redesign of the GUESS trade show booth for the event. Responsibilities included full exterior design, exterior display case design, structural planning, spatial planning, interior design and logistical preparation for merchandising, with a goal of attracting new attention and staying true to brand guidelines.
Design and planning of the very first Baselworld Watch Fair trade show booth for luxury watch brand Gc. Responsibilities included full exterior design, exterior display case design, structural planning, spatial planning, interior design and logistical preparation for merchandising, with a goal of attracting attention and establishing a strong presence in the luxury watch market.
Remodeling the existing Bulova trade show booth at the Baselworld Watch Fair, making the space feel more open, welcoming and energetic, with an emphasis on telling the story of the company’s long and rich history through product, both vintage and new. Responsibilities included interior and exterior remodeling and logistical planning, exterior case design, materials research and coordination with multiple international contractors throughout the project.
Design, plan and help coordinate installation of the GUESS flagship shop-in-shop at Macy’s Herald Square. Needed to work within strict guidelines set by Macy’s to address all necessary requirements, and still create a sense of individuality to stand out among other brands shop-in-shop areas.
Handed a solid concept, Macy’s needed only the engineering and assembly of a 2016 christmas window at Herald Square. These pieces required a complete overhaul of the graphics, materials and vendor coordination, shop drawings for assembly and CNC files for plexiglass routing.
Switching their windows seasonally, high-end clothing retailer Moncler presented a concept that required being tted to multiple locations and space con gurations with the added challenge of varying access points and sizes. 3D models were needed for each, and every season required newly engineered shop drawings for every locations, as well as coordination with vendors and assembly crew.
Presented with somewhat loose initial ideas, luxury lingerie brand Rigby & Peller asked to rebrand their domestic storefront windows seasonally, each time using a new theme. In addition to finding and coordinating available props, 3D models, shop drawings and often material calculation and management was necessary to assemble what could be made in-house.
Luxury linnen brand Sferra presented an opportunity to completely redesign their 5th Ave. Manhattan showroom after doubling their existing space. Initial surveys were taken, a 3D model was built and a design concept was created. Cost was kept down by building several of the wall fixtures in-house as well as refinishing and utilizing some of the existing fixtures and lighting collected prior to the demo.
No concept was given for Aldo’s Fall/Winter 2016 window campaign. Several concepts were presented to management using their directive of “multiple screens”. A final concept was eventually developed that could be installed and easily updated over the next several seasons. Surveys, models and shop drawings were required for multiple locations as well as working with the video developer on the initial screen set up per location.
Moving from our facility in queens into the Empire State Building, the challenge was presented to create a complete shop experience within the new of office, representing all brands as they might be found elsewhere, domestic and internationally.
Bulova, partnering with the Manchester United football club, was given the opportunity to add a presence inside the Old Trafford megastore. Three custom cases were produced to showcase specialized product branded solely for Man U, highlight their multiple accomplishments and draw attention to the brand in a previously untapped global market.
With the complete rebranding of Bulova, requests for new shop-in-shop and stand along boutiques from various global territories began coming in. In addition to reading floor plans and interpreting needs of sales staff, a set of brand guidelines needed to be created and put in place for reference by all global Bulova representatives and hired contractors.
Exhibit and Retail Design
Greg Schramek
Industrial, Packaging and Exhibit Designer Greenwich, CT