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Back in the recording on the grind
Shine on em
too thug 4 ya
The MF king
This nigga Loon affiliated
MF family first
its all funny biz round here
  • o
Loon a.k.a. The Joker

Tanner Joker Niblet is one of the best rappers coming out of De. today. with his original tracks suck as funny business and the loonatic freestyle he's been amazing fans for the past 5+ yrs. This guy is why hip hop was invented. Using his skills in word manipulation and sentence building he can express himself and make his fans feel whats going through his mind. Not only does he make most of his own beats but he snaps remixing some of the hottest tracks out today. This is more than just main stream music this is art and your sure to be waiting on the edge of your seat in await for his next track. check him out!!!!

Shane Allen
Promoter, Artist, Manager, Creative consultant Woodbridge, VA