Poster design that could be placed around the local area in order to excite and inform people about the Lego store.
Launch tube where children would come to launch their rockets that they built at the play tables. It would be similar to pneumatic tubes at banks, allowing the rockets to travel to the back of the store where the children's rockets would be packaged to be brought home.
Play table area where children would build rockets with the assistance of Lego store employees dressed in NASA style uniforms.
Lego Store Concept Design

Lego Store Concept Design.
Create a space where customers feel empowered and safe to be creative, as Lego promotes many types of playful learning. "Blast Off Into Your Creative Space" is the tagline for the store, with a double meaning; finding your own creative space as well as thinking and creating beyond limits. Store is designed with an outer space/galaxy theme, granting the space to be gender neutral to allow all customers to feel welcomed and enjoy the store to the fullest.

Freelance, Full-time
Shane Dinh
Exhibit & Graphic Designer Saint Paul, MN