Initially I began concepts of an all in one cafetiere/ mug however I quickly decided that this area of the market was too saturated.
Detailing of concept, coffee gets put on top of the filter so when you pull the plunger upwards it strains it.
Initial spice infuser concepts. I chose to develop a spice infuser because it is a small area in the kitchen utensil market, and one in which the current products can be vastly improved.
More concepts. I decided not to include a hook on the handle because it is not essential and detracts from the minimalist feel of the product.
I chose the brand Nuance for this product as it embodies everything I thought was important for the spice infuser, minimalist modern design combined with old style materials.
My final board showing the form and function of the spice infuser.
Spice Infuser

Movers and Shakers project-
The Brief for this project was to create a non electronic kitchen utensil.