Assignment: Create a conceptual piece using images and words. | Original image used.
Assignment: Design/create wedding invite, cigar band & envelope
Assignment: Choose a logo/brand name from a list and create a new version of the brand. Then show the new ad in a place where one usually sees advertising out in the world, using the appropriate Photoshop tools to make the final ad look as realistic as possible.
Assignment: Image of subject superimposed as tattoo or screen print created/edited in Illustrator onto subject's body or clothes, so that it appears the tattoo or screen print was there all along. Warp and other Photoshop tools used.
Assignment: Create realistic magazine spread.
Assignment: Create multi-page publication using InDesign
Produce greeting cards using original photography
Assignment: Using only original images, create travel post card.
Assignment: Using at least six original images of different vantage points of same subject, stitch together one final panoramic image from a single perspective. I actually took the pictures incorrectly. Instead of pivoting the camera only, I moved my entire body, so the images all had very different perspectives. Instead of going back out and re-taking the photos, I ended up just learning the Transformation tools of Photoshop very very well. :-)
Student Projects

A collection of student work.
International Academy of Design & Technology, Schaumburg, IL

Shannon Steskal
Designer | Graphic & Multimedia Chicago, IL