The alphabet
The expression 'OOPS'
Bringing out the 'J'
Trying to make the best of a broken egg
Spilt 'T' and biscuits
On the studio floor
The water flowing to form a 'V'
Oil and water
Handmade Type

The task was to create a typeface for the expression 'OOPS!'
After intial explorations, consdiering day-to-day 'Oops' situations, the visual expression went on to accomodate spilt tea, oil, water, biscuits and some nice smelling egg yolk!

Project guided by:
Prof. Sumant Rao and Ruchi Shah
Project Team:
Shashank Sawant
Sayali Kadam
IDC, IIT Bombay

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Shashank Sawant
Industrial Designer, Biosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India