Opportunity Areas
Opportunity Areas
Mockups and Ideations
Mockups and Ideations
Initial Ideations with Stacked Lights as a design direction
Stacking Activity Sketches
Typical Product Usage
Product Schematics
Product Model
Value Lights
Lighting for Rural India

The project attempts to look at the
various aspects of Indian rural life, especially form perspective of the lighting needs of individuals, families and
communities. Over the course of the project, more emphasis was laid on investigating the task-based and
usability requirements of the rural households. The idea was a product that could be split into three light components that could be used for three disparate tasks. The lights provided include:
• A focussed light for outdoors
• A diffused light for indoors
• A secondary low power light
The solar panel doubles up as docking panel on which the lights are docked. The lights can be detached from the panel and hung on the wall, while the panel can be placed
outdoors for charging. The primary battery pack in the solar panel gets charged thus and then discharges into each of the lights’ individual batteries when the lights are again docked onto it indoors.

Shashank Sawant
Industrial Designer, Biosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India