The central force that drove the evolution of this proposal was the need to have an automobile that adresses urban issues at a macro level.
The 'clear-edge' treatment of the top DLO rim creates a soft transitional relationship between the roof line of the vehicle and the sky thereby reducing visual weight.
The sensual wrap-around surfacing at the rear forms a unique relationship with the wheel elements.
Designed was Optimised to have a seamless 'fit' within urban environments.
Key Feature-lines
Package Drawings show a schematic Passenger Layout. Modular Kitchenette+Washroom is attached when required.
Interior Colour and trim draws inspiration from Luxury Yachts.
Modelled and constructed entirely by the author.
This diagram represents the Holistic and Multi-disciplinary approach taken during the research stage.
The automobile as we know it today would soon become the dinosaur of the future!
TRANSPORTECTURE 2025 - autonomous 'smart-space' - MA Final Project

How could Autonomous Driving change the 'car' as we know it today and consequently the environment around it?

Award winner 'Most Conceptual Design' at 2012 Degree Show, Coventry University.

Shaun Max Mergulhao
Industrial Designer New Delhi, India