floral swirl sock print on thong sandals - This is a design I put together for a sock print for some thong sandals for Summer
Mens high top - Footwear color rendering with various perspective views
foot size measuring tool - This is the final product of the measuring tool that was made with cut plexi glass with a clear printed vinyl decal
Foot size measuring device - This is a measuring tool designed for Report Footwear's retail store
Outsole study and layout - I used the concepts of a race track, an electric car, and a robot to create "fast and mechanical" shapes to design three outsole ideas that were considered for a running shoe.
Upper ideas
Colorways and three-quarter views
colors and materials
Sport casual athletic shoe
Graphic rendering
Graphic rendering
Sweater boot for JC Penny
Polka dot ruffle pump
Vulcanized flat with side tie
Sock print ideas - Here are some sock print ideas that can be screen printed onto sandals
More sock print ideas
Sock and outsole print ideas - These are more prints for outsole ideas and sock prints
Sock ideas - Compilation of sock shapes and heel patches for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 based on fashion trends
EVA sock ideas - Here are a few sock print designs for a thong sandal.
Small shoe box - This is a shoe box with a clear plastic lid that I designed for Report footwear
Accessory box - This box was designed to package accessories in Report's retail store
Accessory boxes - These are three sizes of accessory boxes I drafted and created for a footwear retail store that sells accessories as well. On the left are the inserts that serve as a shelf that they would rest on. The lid is clear plastic.
Girls rain boots SWEETS pack
Womens rain boots Winter 2012
Three quarter views - These are some styles done up in Illustrator shown in three quarter views
Final rendering for side pocket high top
Snowboard boot concept
Snowboard binding marker rendering
Satin pump idea
Sporty casual argyle rendering
Sport casual with laser emboss detailing
Rhino slip on - All Illustrator closed shapes then Photoshop
Pamphlet layout - I chose a season to design a group of shoes with separate sub-categories based on different elements.
Pamphlet layout
Construction study with upper options - Here is a study using the same bottom for three different upper ideas.
Mens western/gothic concept shoe
Running shoe inspired by New Balance midsole and robotic armor
Shoe Designs
Shawn Llarenas
Footwear sales specialist at Mephisto Seattle, WA