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seater pillar - a design with a "Traditional Twist"... the form influenced from nature>> the caterpillar.
the material to be propose on the whole body of the form is rattan, combine with steel on the leg.
iam what iam... - a sculpture... the title is "iam what i am... " influenced from the DNA doublehelix with the combination on the arabes concept..
candleholder - it is a candleholder..the form is influenced from the catterpillar.. material used: from waste (empty plastic bottles which been crushed into small pieces + resins)... the task wast to create sumtin from "Waste into Wealth"
"TOP 10 MERIT award furniture design" for midi awards mines international design intellience... it has the YIN + Yang concept... it has the modular system, light, moveable and has extra compartment. Ii is the Multi-FUNctional YinYAng Seater..
the "MasTER PiecE" - the Actual model for the "Seaterpillar"...using rod steel..
industrial design
Sheena Haz
Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia