The colors were chosen to create an exciting atmosphere. They are either directly taken from tea/tea-related plants or slightly exaggerated to create an exciting but natural feel.
The sans serif fonts were chosen to make it trendy and appeal to the demographics of Seattle.
Large format posters
Entrance tickets and give away stickers/buttons
Folding brochure post-mailer
This was originally going to be an ordinary 'thank you' post card, but the idea was changed to be something more exciting with a call to action. The mailer contains a thank you as well as 4 coupons.
Rolling fold brochure
Northwest Tea Fest

This was a group project in which I was one of 2 co-creative directors. I spent the majority of my efforts helping other group members with there pieces but the piece that I was in charge of was the post-mailer.
Northwest Tea Fest is a pre-existing event that my group re-branded. The event is held annually in Seattle, WA, USA.

Shelby Carroll
Brokerage Marketing Assistant at Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq Minneapolis, MN