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Focus studies for research - Client - Prakti Design Lab, Pondicherry
Project - Designing cheap, efficient and local made improved firewood cooking stove for the rural population of Tamil Nadu
Technology - Rocket stove
First prototype of improved cookstove in AAC - The fire chamber dimensions and the fuel opening is based on the rocket stove technology and the AAC is a tested strong fire resistant cement
Cutting AAC tiles
Mud plastering by the local women - The proposal was that the villagers buy and bring home the AAC structure of the stove. This they can fix in ground with mud plastering and later decorate in their individual style of local aesthetics
Cow dung plastering
Women using the stoves
Second prototype in very fine terracotta, made with almost precise dimensions - The double wall structure allows the exterior to remain cool and sand or vermiculite filled in the gap will retain the heat for long. The prototype wasnt successfull in the initial stage as it cracked during firing
A skilled terracotta artisan working on the prototype
Feedback session with the village ladies
Third prototype in local terracotta - This prototype doesnt have double walls but it is thick walled and has insulation in the form of hay and straw mixed in the clay. It is easy to carry around waist and looks similar to the existing stoves in the local market. The price is reasonably cheap for the rural population
Local roadside potter making the prototype
The coiling technique
Open kiln firing
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Designing for the Bottom of the Pyramid
Shifali Goyal Singhal
Interior and Product Designer Pune, India