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Spinach growing in the self watering plant pot - Project of urban farming under Petpuja by City spinning, an online portal of Bangalore, initiative of Prayas Abhinav. Cotton wicks transfer water up to the soil
20 lt pet bottles were used to make water and plant containers - Inspired by Bottle biology, me and my team mate decided to make a bigger version of it to grow vegetables in the constrained spaces of urban dwellings
Another version for public spaces to be hung on trees - Drip irrigation system takes care of the watering of plant for long time. The pulley system helps in refilling and checking the plant
Drip irrigation mechanism was used here
Water container
Cycle wheel for the pulley system
Another compact version of pot made in clay
Double wall solves the problem of separate water container - Outer walls have to be coated to prevent water evaporation.
Prototype is still under testing
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Self watering pot for urban spaces
Shifali Goyal Singhal
Interior and Product Designer Pune, India