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7 Layered Fortress part 1 - The main purpose of this competition is to evoke tourism potential to the neglected-existing historical site. Our team went on a strategy to re-create a certain procession so visitor can experience the battle that took place on that area more than a century ago.
7 Layered Fortress part 2 - The fortress ground was re-modeled after the original with helps from old-historical scripts that depict the condition inside the fortress. We also re-modeled Kampung (civilian settlement) along with their traditional elements and combine it with modern technology to emphasize different momentum from past to present, and how the battle for freedom that took place many years ago had done to present time.
Rooseno Laboratory - Rooseno Lab was designed to meet the criteria of a green building with an advance building structure, combined with archetypes from surrounding buildings
Competition Urban street Lighting - Winner for Urban Street Lighting Competition. Using LED with simplified armature form, the concept is to display series of ever-changing lights to enliven Jakarta street scape at night, whilst at noon, the simple-twisted look can be seen as a contemporary sculpture.
Virtue of Lotus part 1 - An entry for a competition held by Thu Thiem City, Vietnam.
Virtue of Lotus part 2 - An entry for a competition held by Thu Thiem City, Vietnam
Papua Tower part 1 - This competition was held by the Goverment of Jayapura, Papua, to celebrate their 100years anniversary. Jayapura is a capital city of the state of Papua, Indonesia. The competition was held to design a cultural center and at the same time, a landmark that represent Papua, to improve tourism and to promote the city to the world.
Papua Tower part 2 - The morphology comes from an idea on how every tribes in Papua (there were at least more than 300 tribes) have a special connection with spears. Combined with patterns from indigenous, cardinal directions, and other related factors, we came with a certain procession to create connectivity between in-out.
Shinta Hidayati Alkan
Bachelor of Architecture Jakarta, Indonesia