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A project on tiger conservation awareness for kids.
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (concept 1) - IGNTU is a university dedicated to working for- the nature dependent tribal population.The logo emphasizes the institutions sensitivity towards them.
The elements present are traditional Indian lotus petal form gently enveloping the body of letters.These letters are dependent on the elements of nature for its form(the leaf and water droplet incorporated in flowing wave like continuous form of the rest of the letters).
IGNTU (concept 2) - The institution is dedicated to the academic development of diverse tribal indian population.
This logo portrays the spirit of interactivity and coming together of people from diverse group of population through its smoothly connected type flow and icons of tribal derivation.
Kosh -Design Firm - Kosh means new and acceptable and the logo suggests the concept of the firm,which is to come up with fresh and upto date strategies in an innovative and collaborative environment.
Variations of the KOSH logo in different languages.
Development of a few characters in an innovative font Style.
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Logo and Font Development