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Day N' Nite - Artistic depiction of "Day N' Nite" by hip-hop artist Kid Cudi.
Heartless - Artistic depiction of "Heartless" by hip-hop artist Kanye West.
Dilla Donuts - Portrait of late Detroit hip-hop producer/artist James "J. Dilla" Yancey.
iPhone Ad - EXPAND - Faux advertisement for Apple's iPhone 3G.
The 13
Steampunk 'Laddin - A retelling of the story of Aladdin with a steampunk inspired theme.
Attack of the Hun - Character design
Why So Serious?
King Obama
Just Creep Up From Behind... - A film noir inspiration digital piece.
Trendsettaz - An unused flyer/postcard design for a clothing business in Canada called Trendsettaz.
Tony Starks & The Metal Lungies - Portrait of veteran rapper Ghostface of the Wu Tang Clan
Maybach Music II - Inspired by the song "Maybach Music II" by recording artist Rick Ross.
For The Love of the Taco
Project Mayhem Intro - Intro to my personal website - http://www.smackillustrations.com
They Call This "Venting"
Dilla Days - Raise It Up!
The Meaning of Dreams
They Called Him Dilla
Cover for my book The Red Book, on sale now.
Personal Work
Sean Mack
Illustrator/Comic Artist/Designer at SMACK! Illustrations Saginaw, MI