Trans 6

I use the technique of destruction glitch image. concept of this work is the link text, software, networking primarily deals with the technical language to language. perceptions of text as images simultaneously, which uncover fascination with the process of breaking the code of the image, aesthetics randomly generated digital image, which is created by simulation, but the real file manipulation

experimenting with destruction of data, showing technical error. The very meaning of the image is the result of two intentions, which is manifested in the image, which inherent viewer. Beauty of deconstruction.

"The significance of images is on the surface. One can take them in at a single glance yet this remains superficial. If one wishes to deepen the significance, i.e. to reconstruct
the abstracted dimensions, one has to allow one's gaze to wander over the surface feeling the way as one goes." (V. Flusser)

Simona Halečková
new media artist Banská Bystrica, Slovakia