Trans I. Ostracoda

Fascinated by form of biological life processes and software language,
This project is based on study of Ostracoda organism.Manipulation is based on sampling the programming environment where data is split into parts. Biological microscope detects active movement of the Ostracoda body, digitally connected with software and programming environment VVVV in the form of a digital image . Important factor plays a real time in which the data is manipulated . Based on the digital image pixels detailed analysis via color model . Pixel in this case serves as a tool for sampling . These values ??are used to create an algorithm that distorts GUI operating system Windows. interference in the environment is observed and reflected on the desktop computer desktop, which consists of coexisting windows , objects and elements , which is a fundamental principle of current digital technologies . This is a collection of windows based on the actual design of the digital environment

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Simona Halečková
new media artist Banská Bystrica, Slovakia