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Brahmarina_menorama #24/7 at UWS 2012

Brahmarina_menorama 24/7 is a branched vascular structure, to explore the attraction and repulsion of oil and water. Furthering design of calligraphic inspired forms this habitat friendly construct infers the two-way movement of both nutrient and pollutant with imagined choreography of water-birds arriving and leaving their ‘marina’.
The ‘menorah’ candle symbol is a metaphoric multi-jet ‘exhaust’ for fossil-fuel with the super-charged consumption of hydro-carbon burning 24/7 instead of holy oil. The formalist tree structure also acknowledges the source of divine order, truth and mercy fulfilled in Christ rising from the ‘root of Jesse’.
Simultaneous capture and distribution of natural harmony and discordant pressures by the vascular ‘dance of life’ tree can also reference a Sanskrit symbol of Brahman as 7 swans, from the verb root brh, etymologically meaning “that which grows”.
The work is animated by wind, the sedges filter and invite birds, torch-lit by 7 solar led headlights.

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Simon Alexander Cook
Consultant Designer Maker Artist Sydney, Australia