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Falling_Fowl #1 UWS Sculpture Award 2010

"FALLING_FOWL #1" is a floating chemical bond graphic with purifying functions and built in hides - a "mai-mai" - for waterbirds instead of hunters. Crisp geometry of black pe pipes support a combed line of upright wetland sedges and private nest ante-rooms. Whilst not ephemeral the work has growing cycles and multiple readings physically and metaphorically: as nutrient filter; carbon trap; pontoon; organic compound and secret formula. The plants are quietly reflective with active root-zones, welcoming waterfowl..
"Perhaps the most direct response to the complexities - and the fragilities - of the natural world is seen in the work of Simon Cook, whose work Falling Fowl #1 addresses issues of sustainability in a multitude of levels; of sculpture, landscape design, aqua science, flora, fauna and conservation. This work, perhaps surprisingly given the site, is the only one to combine these elements of landscape eco-design in the exhibition"

Dr Pamela James
Lecturer UWS

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Simon Alexander Cook
Consultant Designer Maker Artist Sydney, Australia